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Upgrade Your Bar Stock Storage
with Vidir's Vertical Lift System

Upgrade your bar stock storage with the innovative Vidir Vertical Lift system. The Vidir Lift for Bar Stock brings convenience and efficiency to your workspace by delivering bar stock directly to your working level on a cart. Say goodbye to inefficient storage methods and safety hazards with Vidir's cutting-edge solution.

Applications of Vidir Pan Carousel

Manufacturing Facilities

Streamline material handling processes and optimize floor space in manufacturing plants with Vidir's Vertical Lift system.

Metal Fabrication Shops

Enhance efficiency and safety in metal fabrication shops by storing and retrieving bar stock with ease using Vidir's innovative solution.

Automotive Production Plants

Increase productivity and organization on automotive assembly lines with Vidir's Vertical Lift for Bar Stock, designed to meet the demands of fast-paced production environments.


Improve logistics and reduce downtime on construction sites with Vidir's Vertical Lift system, providing easy access to bar stock materials for various construction projects.

Bring Efficiency to Your Workspace

Upgrade your bar stock storage with a Vidir Vertical Lift. With a Vidir Lift for Bar Stock, your inventory is brought to a convenient working level on a cart, streamlining the process of moving materials to the fabrication area. Watch our video to see how traditional storage methods eat up floor space and compromise safety. Your staff deserves the safety and efficiency that a Vidir Vertical Lift for Bar Stock can provide.

Elevate Your Storage Solutions

The Vidir Vertical Lift for Bar Stock is more than just a storage solution; it’s a game-changer for industrial environments. Our high-capacity automated storage system increases material throughput, workplace efficiency, and most importantly, safety. The system features an elevator that smoothly climbs the tower to deposit and retrieve cartridges, ensuring a continuous material flow with minimal changeover times.

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Why Choose Vidir Vertical Lift?

Vidir's Vertical Lift system is a high-capacity automated storage solution designed to increase material throughput, workplace efficiency, and safety. With an elevator that climbs the front of the tower to deposit and retrieve cartridges, the VLS ensures a continuous material flow and reduces changeover times.

Tailored Integration for Your Facility

Our system can be seamlessly integrated with carts to load and unload materials, offering multiple cart paths for site-specific requirements. Whether you’re dealing with steel bar stock or other industrial goods, Vidir Vertical Lift for Bar Stock is your vertical storage solution.

Say Goodbye to Inefficient Storage

Traditional storage methods eat up valuable floor space, are time-consuming, and can pose safety risks. The Vidir Vertical Lift for Bar Stock optimizes your space by utilizing overhead storage, providing a controlled environment that safely stores and retrieves materials. With the ability to accommodate various material types and dimensions, our system is tailored to meet your specific storage needs.

Explore Automated Options

Ready to revolutionize your bar stock storage? Explore our automated options today! With robotics and automation technology, our systems ensure precision, speed, and efficiency, making them ideal for your industrial needs. Contact us now to learn more about how our automated solutions can streamline your operations and elevate your productivity to new heights!


Steel bar stock refers to long, solid bars of steel used in construction, manufacturing, and other applications.

Bar stock weight varies based on size and material, typically ranging from 10 to 130 pounds per foot.

Yes, there are shelving systems specifically designed for organizing and securing bar stock.

Yes, automated systems featuring robotics and automation technology can handle bar stock with precision and speed.

Yes, bar stock should be stored in a cool, dry location away from heat and moisture, and regularly inspected for damage.

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