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Mobile Shelving: Maximizing Storage Efficiency

Welcome to the world of mobile shelving, where innovative solutions meet your storage needs like never before. Whether you're looking to optimize space, increase productivity, or enhance security, mobile shelving offers versatile options to cater to various industries and applications.


For light loads manual systems are fantastic!

Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving

Mechanical Assist

As weight that is stored on carriages increases geared systems with hand cranks work wonderfully!

Electric Mobile Shelving


Move with the touch of a button.

Side by Side

Shelving in front of shelving for more space. Slides easy!

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Explore Your Options

With mobile shelving, there’s a world of possibilities at your fingertips. These systems can be operated in three primary ways, providing the flexibility you need:

Electric: Experience the ultimate in convenience with fully automated shelving units that move effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

Mechanical Assist: Strike a balance between ease of use and cost-effectiveness with mechanical devices that reduce manual effort significantly.

Manual: Choose the most cost-effective option, where proper manual operation is required.

And don’t forget the option to make your shelving mobile by placing individual sections on wheels, offering even more adaptability.

Mobile Shelving

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Applications Across Industries

Rolling shelving isn’t limited to one industry; it’s a versatile storage solution suitable for various applications, including:

Healthcare: From medical records to pharmacy storage, mobile shelving streamlines organization in healthcare facilities.

Legal Records: Ensure the safekeeping of critical legal documents and archive storage with sliding shelving.

Food Service: Enhance kitchen organization and inventory management in the food service industry.

Hospitality: Efficiently store linens, supplies, and amenities for hotels and resorts.

Law Enforcement: Safeguard evidence and records with secure mobile shelving solutions.

Tire Storage: Maximize tire storage capacity while keeping your inventory organized.

Library Shelving: Transform libraries with mobile bookstack shelving, making it easy to adapt to changing needs.

Backroom Retail Storage: Used by Nike, Ann Taylor, Kohls, and 100’s of retail stores in the backroom. 

The Features You Need

Solving Storage Challenges 

Mobile shelving offers a host of features that enhance your storage experience:

Expanded Storage: Double your storage capacity with side-to-side horizontal movement.

Space Saving: Avoid costly renovations and utilize space more efficiently.

Mobile Shelving for Pallet Rack

Automation: Opt for electric systems for effortless movement.

Easy Access: Quickly retrieve items without sacrificing storage space.

Security: Enhance protection with carriage locks for manual and mechanical units.

Low Maintenance: Systems require minimal upkeep for continuous use.

Space Flexibility: Customize your shelving to fit any space.

Easy Maneuvering: Manual and mechanical assist options provide quick access to items.

Labor Efficiency: Reduce labor costs with easy-to-move units.

Cost Savings: Save on floor space, storage costs, renovations, and labor expenses.

Mobile Shelving For Artwork

Mobile shelving solves several common storage challenges:

Space Constraints: Maximize storage in limited spaces by utilizing horizontal movement.

Efficiency and Labor Costs: Speed up storage tasks and reduce labor expenses.

Security and Protection: Protect valuable items with added security measures.

Pallet Rack Compatibility: Wondering if you can use pallet racks on rolling shelving? It’s possible, but it depends on the weight and your shelving system. Consult a professional for safety and stability.

Choosing Your Mobile Shelving

Selecting the right shelving involves researching brands and dealers. Consider factors like free design services, features, quality, and cost to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Alternate Terms for Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving goes by various names, including rolling shelving, movable shelving, slidable shelving, track shelving, and high-density mobile shelving.

Explore our extensive range of options, including high-density solutions. From athletic gear and medical supplies to books and clothing, we have versatile solutions to meet your needs.

Mobile Shelving For Medical Supplies
Mobile Shelving For Weapons Storage

The Cost of Mobile Shelving

The price varies based on size and features. While it may be more expensive than traditional shelving, its versatility and increased storage capacity make it a valuable investment. Layouts and pricing are free.

Is Mobile Shelving Worth It?

The worth of mobile systems depends on your specific needs. If you aim to maximize storage in a confined area and seek versatility, the added expense is justified by the benefits it offers. We sell truckloads of it when it is the correct solution.

Relocating Mobile Shelving - Easy

Many shelving systems are easily relocatable, but this can vary by brand. Check with your sales staff to ensure your chosen system is suitable for relocation. It does depend on brand but we move it all the time. 

Mobile Shelving For Retail Stores
Mobile Shelving with Peg Board End Panels

Top-Selling Custom Options

Peg board end panels are one option but there are many more. Wraps are popular for universities to logo. in fact wraps are popular for many applications . They can make the high-density shelving blend in and also allow for a dramatic increase in storage space where you need it. Other end panel options on mobile shelving are more functional. 

Mobile Shelving with Perforated Shelves

Shelving with Perforated Shelves works well! Almost any kind of shelving can be designed to go on mobile shelving. It really doesn’t matter. 

Mobile Shelving with Perforated Shelves
Mobile Shelving For Clothing Stores

Top-Selling Brands

When it comes to high density shelving, quality matters. Explore top-selling brands such as Aurora, Metro, Equipto, SpaceFile, IronWood, Prairie View Industries, Lista, Aurora Storage, Datum Storage Solutions, Borroughs, Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Haenglim Mobility, Southtech, Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems, MJ Library Shelving, SSI Schaefer, LISTA, Tri-Boro Shelving, Mobile Media Inc. , Western Pacific Storage Solutions, Speedcell Storage Solutions, and more. These reputable manufacturers offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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