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Welcome to Mezzanines: Expanding Your Space Vertically

Are you looking to optimize your existing space, increase productivity, and enhance safety? Also referred to as "Platforms" offer an innovative solution. Explore our top-selling categories and top brands to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Top Selling Mezzanine Categories

Steel Mezzanines

Durable, strong platforms for space optimization in various applications.

Structural Mezzanines

Load-bearing framework, designed for heavy-duty storage and industrial applications.

Free Standing Mezzanine

Free Standing Platforms

Independent, bolted to floor, maximizes space, versatile applications.

Mezzanine Gates

Secure access points for safety on elevated platforms.

Mezzanine Stairs

Platform Stairs

Safe, convenient access between levels for elevated spaces.

Mezzanine Railings

Mezzanine Railings

Protective barriers for safety on elevated platforms and walkways.

Mezzanine Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Mezzanine VRC's

 (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor): Efficient, space-saving material lifting solution.

Advantech Wood board Mezzanine Decking

Mezzanine Decking / Flooring

Supports heavy loads, durable, enhances workspace and storage areas.


Rack Supported Mezzanine

Rack Supported Mezzanine

Safe, convenient access between levels for elevated spaces.

Mezzanine Catwalk

Platform Catwalks

Catwalk Provide a way to get there.

Aircraft Maintenance Mezzanine

Work Platforms For Aircraft. 

Military Lookout Tower

Lookout Tower Mezzanine

Military and Law Enforcement

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What Is A Mezzanine?

Mezzanines are elevated, open floors that can be found between existing building stories or in various applications like manufacturing plants and retail facilities. They provide an excellent solution for high-density storage and work areas. Also referred to as platforms they not only create extra floor space for expanding operations but also serve multiple purposes, including storage, offices, shops, and more. They offer enhanced security and are versatile additions to any space.

Build Up, Not Out

Building up rather than out optimizes overhead space, freeing up valuable floor space for more profitable activities. Platforms offer a smart storage solution.

Warehouse Mezzanines Image

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What Kind of Mezzanines Are There?

 Platforms come in various types to suit different needs:

Even a pre fabricated mezzanine with a range tower pictured here. We Got It All!

  • Freestanding: These are bolted to the floor and require no connection to walls or columns.
  • Flush-Mounted: Installed directly against walls and columns to maximize space.
  • Roof-Mounted: Suspended from the ceilings of buildings to free up floor space.

Decking Options

We offer various flooring options:

  • Advantech: Enhanced strength and moisture resistance
  • ResinDek: High-density composite flooring for heavy loads
  • Diamond Plate: Durable steel decking
  • Concrete Flooring: The most robust option
  • Press-locked Grating: Ideal for specific industries
Grated Mezzanine Flooring

What are the most common types of mezzanines?

The most common types  are designed to serve specific purposes and meet various industrial and commercial needs. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Storage, Office. Retail, Industrial, Multi Level, Freestanding, Rack Supported, Catwalk, Cleanroom, Observation Towers, Agricultural Platforms, and Custom Mezzanines: 

The choice depends on the intended use, available space, load-bearing requirements, and budget constraints. platforms offer a versatile solution to optimize space and enhance functionality in a wide range of industries and applications

Storage Platforms

These platforms are primarily used for additional storage space in warehouses and distribution centers. They help maximize vertical space by creating a platform for storing goods and materials.

Storage Mezzanine
Office Mezzanine

Office Mezzanines

Office platforms provide extra office space within an existing facility. They are often used for administrative functions, management offices, or as observation decks.

Retail Mezzanines

Retailers use platforms to create additional sales or display areas. These mezzanines are commonly found in malls, department stores, and large retail outlets.

Industrial Mezzanines

Industrial mezzanines are used in manufacturing facilities to house machinery, equipment, or additional production lines. They help optimize space and improve workflow.

Multi-Level Mezzanines

Multi-level mezzanines feature multiple tiers or levels to maximize space in tall structures. They are commonly used in facilities with high ceilings.

Industrial Mezzanines
Free Standing Mezzanine

Freestanding Mezzanines

Freestanding mezzanines do not rely on building walls or columns for support. They are standalone structures and are often used in existing buildings to create extra floor space.

Rack-Supported Mezzanines

These mezzanines are built above new or existing pallet racks, utilizing the rack structure as support. They are common in warehouse environments to add storage capacity.

Rack Supported Mezzanine


Catwalk mezzanines are typically narrow walkways used for maintenance, inspections, or access to equipment. They are often found in industrial settings.

Cleanroom Mezzanines

Cleanroom platforms are used in industries where contamination control is critical, such as pharmaceuticals and electronics manufacturing. They provide controlled environments for specific processes.

Observation Mezzanines

Observation platforms offer elevated vantage points for viewing activities below. They are used in facilities where monitoring or supervision is essential.

Observation Mezzanines

Mezzanines For Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers are often located in industrial setting buildings with high ceilings that allow for more space for equipment and clients to work out.

Agricultural Mezzanines:

These platforms are found in agricultural settings, such as barns and feed storage facilities. They provide additional storage or workspace for farm operations.

Features Of Mezzanines

Platforms offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Versatile Applications
  • Maximized Space
  • Multi-Story Access
  • Quick Installation
  • Durable Construction
  • Flexible Designs
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Custom Mezzanines

Custom platforms are designed to meet unique requirements. They can incorporate various features and layouts to suit specific business needs.

Can a Mezzanine Be Moved? Yes!

Most Platform Systems are movable within a building, provided they remain securely bolted to the floor for stability and safety. However, before relocating a mezzanine, it’s essential to ensure that the building can support the system’s weight in its new position.

Custom Mezzanines

View of Platform Flooring From Underneath

Bar-grate-mezzanine flooring provides durability and efficient use of space.

Enhance your space, increase productivity, and boost safety with platforms. Explore our options to find the perfect solution for your needs. Don’t waste valuable vertical space; build up, not out!

Mezzanine Building Codes

Building codes may vary, but key considerations include:

  • Supporting a minimum of 100 pounds per square foot
  • Compliance with fire, electrical, and sanitary regulations
  • Safe access with stairs, platforms, and guardrails
  • Fire-rated materials for platforms over 8 feet
  • Providing means of egress for emergencies

Can A Mezzanine Be Freestanding?

Yes, some platforms systems can stand independently. Freestanding mezzanines are secured to the floor with bolts, requiring no connection to building walls or columns. This design eliminates structural barriers, making it an effective solution for creating additional floor space within existing buildings.
Free Standing Mezzanine
Mezzanine For Raised Office Space

The Main Problem Platforms Solve

Mezzanines address critical challenges for businesses:

  • Expanding operations in limited space. for instance a Mezzanine For Raised Office Space
  • Efficiently utilizing vertical space
  • Creating new use areas
  • Adding secure levels for higher security
  • Reducing build time
  • Increasing safety
  • Enhancing the aesthetic appeal
  • Providing a cost-effective solution

Who Would Buy a Mezzanine?

Platforms are versatile structures that can be purchased by a wide range of individuals and organizations across different industries. Here are some examples of who might buy a mezzanine:

1. Aviation and Hangars:

Airports and private hangars may utilize platforms for maintenance, storage, and observation purposes. Mezzanines help make the most of the available hangar space.

2. Warehouses and Distribution Centers: 

Warehouses often invest in mezzanines to maximize storage space and improve inventory management. Mezzanines create additional storage levels without the need for expanding the warehouse footprint.

3. Manufacturing Facilities: 

Manufacturing companies may purchase platforms to house machinery, production lines, or additional workspaces. Mezzanines help streamline manufacturing processes and utilize vertical space.

Platform to Work On Aircraft

3. Retailers: 

Large retail stores and department stores use mezzanines to create additional sales or display areas. These elevated spaces can showcase products or provide shoppers with a unique experience.

4. Commercial Buildings: 

Commercial buildings, such as office complexes, may use mezzanines to add office space, meeting rooms, or observation decks. Mezzanines enhance the functionality of the building without the need for major renovations.

5. Agricultural Operations: 

Farms and agricultural facilities may invest in platforms for additional storage of feed, equipment, or workspace. Mezzanines can help keep agricultural operations organized.

6. Construction Companies: 

Construction companies may purchase mezzanines to serve as temporary or permanent offices on construction sites. Mezzanines offer a convenient space for project management.

7. Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom Environments:

Industries requiring controlled environments, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing or cleanroom facilities, use mezzanines to create cleanroom spaces for sensitive processes.

8. Sports and Entertainment Venues: 

Sports arenas and entertainment venues sometimes have platforms for VIP seating or private suites, enhancing the fan experience.

9. Educational Institutions:

Schools and universities may invest in platforms for additional classroom space, libraries, or study areas.

10. Healthcare Facilities:

Hospitals and healthcare facilities may use platforms to add administrative offices, storage, or patient waiting areas.

11. Hotels and Resorts: 

Hotels and resorts may incorporate mezzanines for additional guest rooms or suites, offering unique accommodations.

12. Logistics and E-commerce Centers: 

Logistics companies and e-commerce fulfillment centers use mezzanines for order processing, packaging, and storage.

13. Small Businesses: 

Small businesses, such as automotive repair shops or boutique stores, may install mezzanines to create extra storage or office space.

14. Government and Military: 

Government agencies and military facilities may use mezzanines for a variety of purposes, including storage, maintenance, and administration.

Ultimately, mezzanines are purchased by anyone looking to optimize space, increase functionality, and enhance operations within a given space. Their versatility and adaptability make them suitable for a wide range of applications and industries

Roll Formed Mezzanines

Lightweight yet sturdy, these mezzanines support heavy loads and are ready to assemble. Hybrid systems combining structural columns and roll-formed channels are available for higher loads and spans.

Feature Highlights

    • Modular bolt-together systems
    • Full-length columns for added stability
    • Various decking materials
    • Sturdy handrails with 4” kickplate
    • Heavy-duty components with powder-coated finish
    • Galvanized steel option

2000 Square Foot Platform

A giant 45′ x 45′ system optimized vertical space at Yamaha, increasing overall capacity for work-in-process. Safety measures ensured the mezzanine coexists with forklift traffic below.

2000 Sq Ft Mezzanine
Mezzanine For Car Dealership

Our Top Selling Mezzanine Brands

  • Panel Built
  • Wildeck
  • Bluff Manufacturing
  • Cogan
  • Western Pacific
  • Equipto
  • Hallowell
  • Hartland Steel Products
Picture: Car Dealership. Auto and Truck Dealership are often located in urban areas where  real estate is expensive. We can help maximize use of space. Gives you more space to inventory and show cars. As well as more space for your shop and parts on hand. 

Raised Platforms

Raised platforms maximize vertical warehouse space. They create additional floor levels, doubling available industrial space, and are cost-effective.

Custom Designed Work Platforms

Tailored work platforms can meet specific warehouse needs. Experts provide site visits, measurements, drawings, 3D rendering, and quotes for free.

Raised Platform Options

    • Free-Standing Raised Platform: Maximizes floor space, allows traffic flow underneath, and is ideal for industrial storage, staging areas, and more.
    • Rack Supported: Additional storage above or between pallet racks, perfect for pallets and industrial storage.
    • Structural Raised Platforms: Ideal for expanding storage and offering flexibility for reconfiguration.

What else would a person looking for a platorm want to know

A person looking for a platform may want to know more about various aspects to make an informed decision. Here are some additional considerations and questions they might have: 

1. Cost: Understanding the total cost of installing a platform is crucial. This includes not only the cost of the mezzanine itself but also installation, any necessary modifications to the existing space, and ongoing maintenance expenses.

2. Permitting and Regulations: Are there local building codes, permits, or regulations that need to be adhered to when installing a mezzanine? It’s essential to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and codes.

3. Customization: Can the platform be customized to meet specific space and functionality requirements? Customization options may include size, layout, load capacity, and aesthetic choices.

4. Load Capacity: What is the maximum load capacity of the mezzanine? This information is critical, especially for industrial and storage applications, to ensure safety.

5. Installation Time: How long will it take to install the platform? Understanding the installation timeline can help with project planning.

6. Maintenance: What kind of maintenance does the mezzanine require, and how often? Regular maintenance is essential for safety and longevity.

Custom Mezzanines
Mezzanine Railings

7. Accessories and Add-Ons: There are additional accessories available, such as safety gates, handrails, or stairs? These items can enhance safety and functionality.

8. Warranty: Does the manufacturer or supplier offer a warranty for the platform? Understanding the warranty terms and coverage is essential for peace of mind.

9. Future Expansion: Is it possible to expand or reconfigure the mezzanine in the future if business needs change? Modular and flexible designs can be advantageous.

10. Lead Time: How long will it take to manufacture and deliver the mezzanine? Understanding lead times is crucial for project scheduling.

11. Safety Measures: What safety features are included with the mezzanine, such as guardrails and safety gates? Safety should be a top priority.

12. Design Consultation: Does the manufacturer or supplier offer design consultation services to help create the most efficient and safe mezzanine layout for the specific space?

13. References and Case Studies: Can the supplier provide references or case studies from previous platforms installations? These can provide insights into real-world applications.

Military Lookout Tower

14. Material Options: What materials are available for the mezzanine structure and decking? The choice of materials can affect durability and aesthetics.

15. Lead Times and Delivery: How long will it take to receive the mezzanine after ordering, and what is the delivery process like?

16. Resale Value: Is the platform an investment that can increase the resale value of the property or be easily removed if needed?

17. Financing Options: Are there financing or lease options available to spread the cost of the mezzanine over time?

18. Local Installation Services: Does the supplier offer installation services, or will you need to find a local contractor for installation?

19. Customer Support: What level of customer support is available from the supplier in case of issues or questions after installation?

20. Sustainability: Are there environmentally friendly options available, such as recycled materials or sustainable manufacturing practices?

By addressing these questions and considerations, individuals looking for a mezzanine can make a well-informed decision that aligns with their specific needs and goals. 

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