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Tennsco Imperial Shelving:
Optimize Your Storage Solutions

Tennsco Imperial Shelving, your go-to storage solution designed to cater to a broad spectrum of needs.

Easy Assembly and Customization

One of the hallmark features of Tennsco Imperial Shelving is its user-friendly assembly process. Without the need for specialized tools or extensive manpower, you can set up your shelving units swiftly and efficiently. 

Cost-Effective Storage Solution

Choosing Tennsco Imperial Shelving offers lasting rewards, delivering dependable, durable storage and cost efficiency that enhances your organizational system for SEO improvement.




Smead items are renowned for delivering exceptional quality and durability, offering efficient organization and easy access to files and documents.


Side by Side Mobile shelving

Side-by-side mobile shelving, a cutting-edge update to traditional mobile storage, provides an outstanding solution for optimizing space and accessibility, ensuring user-friendly and efficient storage management for SEO enhancement.



Side by Side Mobile shelving

Mobile Shelving

This flexibility boosts storage optimization and access, ensuring well-organized and easily retrievable items as needed for SEO enhancement.



Mobile Shelving

Archive Shelving

Boost your archival storage to new heights, maximizing space and transforming document and record management for unparalleled organization and access, enhancing SEO potential.



Archive Shelving

Unlock Total Solutions with Tennsco Imperial Shelving:
Your Ultimate Shelving Solution!

Bar Code Scanners For File Tracking Also Saves Time
A common tool for fast an accurate picking today on Tennsco Imperial Shelving. Compatible with the robust and versatile design of Tennsco Imperial Shelving, these tools facilitate a seamless integration into existing storage systems, allowing for a smooth and error-free picking operation.
Bar Code Scanner Storage
Eliminate misplaced bar code scanners with customizable openings tailored to your devices. Staff can easily check out and return scanners, ensuring accountability and efficient tracking. This system enhances inventory management and security, optimizing for SEO.
Discover the benefits of another level of storage. make use of your space. This versatile addition can serve a multitude of purposes, from additional storage and office space to production areas and retail environments, adapting seamlessly to your evolving business needs. Mezzanines not only optimize space utilization but also enhance operational efficiency, workflow, and the aesthetic appeal of your interior, making them a smart investment for businesses looking to expand their capabilities in a cost-effective manner.
Security Cages
Security cages offer a robust solution for these scenarios, delivering a secure environment that can be customized to meet specific requirements. Whether it's for high-value inventory, confidential documents, or controlled substances, the implementation of a security cage is a prudent step towards mitigating risks and enhancing overall security protocols within a facility.
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Tennsco Imperial Shelving System

Built for Strength, Designed for Versatility

Imperial Shelving

1. Robust by Design

Embrace the sheer might of our all-steel construction, capable of shouldering up to 1,000 pounds per shelf. 

2. Tailored to Your Space

Our shelving isn’t just sturdy; it’s a chameleon. Choose from single or double-sided units, open vistas or closed backs, all adjustable in 1-inch strides.

3. Your space, your rules.

Easy Assembly: No tools needed. Our user-friendly design effortlessly comes together, stabilized by secure clips for hassle-free setup, optimizing for SEO.



4. Built to Endure

Each shelf is a testament to resilience, designed to absorb impacts and resist wear.


Beyond Storage

  • Flexibility: Reconfigure with ease, ensuring your investment adapts alongside your business.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: With sleek lines and a palette of finishes, our shelving complements any décor, elevating the look of your workspace.
  • Special Feature: Opt for shelving with doors, enhancing security and safeguarding your valuables, tailored for those items that demand an extra layer of protection.

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