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Powered Carts

The Revolution of Mobile Productivity Solutions

Discover the revolution in mobile productivity with Powered Carts – the secret weapon in workplace efficiency that NewCastle has perfected. These aren’t just any carts; they’re your new best friend in maximizing output and simplifying tasks, regardless of your industry.

Let’s explore how powered carts began and meet NewCastle, the company behind this big idea. Imagine a cart that moves around with you, keeping all your work tools and devices powered up. That’s exactly what NewCastle came up with. They saw that people were wasting time walking back and forth to their desks and waiting for devices to charge. So, they thought, “Why not make a cart that can go anywhere and keep everything running?”

NewCastle started with a simple goal: make work easier and faster for everyone, no matter where they are. They made carts that could carry and charge all sorts of devices, from laptops to scanners. These carts were designed to be super easy to use, making sure that anyone could adjust them to just the right height, avoiding those annoying aches and pains from bending over or reaching too high.

Over time, NewCastle kept making their carts better, listening to what workers needed and adding new features. They made different kinds of carts for different jobs, like in hospitals, stores, or factories. Each cart was made to tackle specific challenges in these places, making sure that everyone could do their best work without any hassle.

NewCastle isn’t just a company; they’re like the inventors of a new way to work, making it possible to do your job well anywhere you need to be. They showed everyone that with the right tools, work doesn’t have to be stuck in one place or slowed down by small problems. Thanks to NewCastle, powered carts are now a key player in making workdays smoother and more productive.


small footprint.
big return.

Carts deliver huge gains without infrastructure or software changes. You won’t find a better cost/benefit equation, with predictable 6-month ROI and a lifetime of rewards.

trimmed payroll

Get higher throughput in fewer hours, and up to 75% less overtime.

Newcatle Powered Carts

the end of mislabeling

Mislabeling is crazy expensive—and pretty much eliminated when you input, print and apply at the pallet. Easy with a cart.

untethered workforce

Paying workers to wear out their shoes? A cart will have them adding value instead. Watch their satisfaction grow along with their productivity.

faster dock-to-stock

Reduce cycle times by up to 60%, for more capacity with the same resources. (Cha-ching.)


Empowering Workspaces: The NewCastle Advantage

A Leap in Workplace Mobility with Powered Carts

Meet NewCastle’s powered carts: your new ally in making workdays more productive and less of a hassle. These carts are all about keeping your gadgets powered and your tasks flowing smoothly. They’re perfect for anyone looking to boost efficiency at work

Endless Energy On-the-Go

Dive into the world of portable power with NewCastle’s smart solutions. Our carts come with various power options, from long-lasting lead to swift-charging lithium, ensuring your work never hits a pause.

Ergonomics That Work For You

Learn how NewCastle’s carts are designed with your comfort in mind. They adjust to fit you just right, making work feel less like a strain and more like a breeze, even on those long days.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Imagine having a workstation that’s as mobile as you are. With our powered carts, your laptop, printer, and scanner can go wherever you go, fully charged for over eight hours. It’s the ultimate tool for anyone who needs to work flexibly.

Customized for Your Industry Needs

No matter your field – be it manufacturing, retail, or healthcare – NewCastle has a powered cart designed just for your specific challenges. These carts are about making your workflow smoother and saving you valuable time.

Elevate Your Efficiency! 

Say goodbye to constant recharging and hello to uninterrupted productivity. Dive deeper into our advanced power solutions now.

Customers reviews

What people say?

We do the work of three with only one person, due to the efficiencies gained with this system.
Jodi P.
Supervisor Material Control Karl Storz
For productivity, your carts are the best thing I have ever placed into a warehouse.
Joe H.
Parts Logistics Manager Mercedes-Benz

Frequently Asked Questions

By providing mobile power and ergonomic design, they allow for seamless work anywhere, reducing downtime and physical strain.

Absolutely! NewCastle offers a variety of sizes and customizations to fit the unique demands of industries like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Devices can run for over eight hours of continuous use, thanks to advanced power systems, making them perfect for full shifts.

Their ability to charge devices on the go, coupled with advanced ergonomics and mobile productivity solutions, sets them apart.

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