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Welcome to Material Handling USA Shelving, your premier destination for cutting-edge storage solutions. Our Mechanical Mobile Shelving systems revolutionize the way you think about storage, offering unparalleled space-saving capabilities without compromising accessibility. Say goodbye to wasted aisle space and hello to efficient organization with our top-of-the-line shelving systems.

About Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is a versatile storage solution designed to maximize space and efficiency. Unlike traditional stationary shelving, mobile shelving eliminates the need for multiple aisles, allowing you to make the most of your valuable space. With options for increased security and customizable configurations, mobile shelving offers a unique storage solution for businesses of all sizes.

Evolution of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving has a rich history dating back to its early use in the medical community for storing patient records. Over time, its applications have expanded to include various industries such as legal, government, and warehousing. While the rise of electronic records initially led to a decline in mobile shelving usage, recent years have seen a resurgence in demand, particularly in warehouse environments.

Mechinacal Mobile Shelving for Various Applications

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Why Choose Mechanical Shelving?

Are you wondering why Mechanical Mobile Shelving is the ideal solution for your storage needs? Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Mechanical Shelving from Material Handling USA Shelving:

Space Optimization

Maximize available space by eliminating wasted aisle space.

Customizable Solutions

Tailored to fit your specific storage requirements.

Cost Savings

Reduce overhead costs by optimizing space utilization.

Expertise and Experience

Benefit from decades of industry-leading expertise.

Quality Assurance

Partnered with trusted manufacturers for reliable solutions.

Safety Features

Equipped with advanced safety features for peace of mind.

Organize Your Space, Boost Your Efficiency

Reclaim space and boost productivity with our mobile shelving solutions. Order today!

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Quality and Value You Can Trust​

Manufactured by Richards Wilcox Aurora Shelving, our Mechanical Mobile Shelving systems are built to last. As a top provider in the nation, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Choose from leading brands like Direct Line and Pipp, or contact us to discuss your preferences.

Electrical, Mechanical Assist and Manual
Mobile Shelving Vendors


Yes, we can help you calculate floor loading for mobile shelving.

We can hep you layout and design mobile shelving at no cost

Tell us what you are putting on it and we can typically design a system to carry that weight.

The answer is yes. We have designed miles of mobile shelving for grow operations.

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