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Lactation Pods: Empowering Mothers, Transforming Spaces

Are you in need of lactation pods to comply with the latest workplace regulations? Look no further! As an experienced Modular Building provider, we offer fully functioning lactation rooms or pods designed to meet the needs of nursing mothers and organizations alike. Our lactation pods are portable, making them easy to move whenever necessary, and they come pre-wired for electrical, requiring only a power source hookup upon installation.

Breastfeeding Pods in Airports

Our customizable lactation pod is increasingly popular, available as a kit or fully assembled for your convenience.

ADA Lactation Pods

Our ADA lactation booth, measuring 6′ x 8′, is available in kit or preassembled form, with flexible shipping options tailored to your needs.

Lactation Pod Service Plans

Explore our Lactation Pod Service Plans, featuring a one-year workmanship warranty and a dedicated service team available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Protect Your Pod

Protect and maintain your pod with our Gold plan, offering free biannual check-ups and repairs, plus a 10% discount on replacement parts.

Transform Your Space for Nursing Mothers with Our Modular Lactation Pods

Explore our full line of modular offices and create a comfortable and supportive space for nursing mothers today. 

What's New: The PUMP Act

In June 2023, the U.S. Department of Labor enacted the PUMP Act, a groundbreaking law that mandates employers with 15 or more employees to provide reasonable break time and suitable spaces for nursing mothers for up to a year following childbirth. Under this law, these spaces must offer privacy, shielded from intrusion, and they must not be located in a bathroom. The good news is that Panel Built offers a range of lactation room solutions to help you comply with this essential legislation.

Lactation Pods: Designed for Mothers, by Mothers

Our lactation pods are designed by and for mothers, offering more than just legal compliance. They create a supportive, inclusive environment prioritizing comfort and privacy to address the challenges faced by breastfeeding individuals in public. With recent US regulations mandating suitable facilities for breastfeeding, these pods have become a leading solution for organizations, promoting a breastfeeding-friendly environment. While a substantial step, advocating for comprehensive policies to protect lactating individuals’ rights and normalize breastfeeding remains essential.

Understanding the Lactating Mother Policy

The Federal Break Time for Nursing Mothers law, governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), mandates employers to provide basic accommodations for breastfeeding mothers at work. This includes dedicated time for expressing milk and a private space that isn’t a restroom, available for up to one year after childbirth.

What Does a Lactation Pod Do?

Lactation pods, also known as nursing pods or lactation rooms, offer private and comfortable spaces for breastfeeding or milk expression in public areas. They typically include seating, a table for equipment, and power outlets. Some pods also feature adjustable lighting and soundproofing. These purpose-built pods promote and support breastfeeding in public spaces, especially in locations like airports, malls, and workplaces, where privacy is essential.

Join the Movement for Workplace Wellness with Panel Built Lactation Pods!

Our specialists and designers are here to help. They’ll measure your space for the perfect fit and maximum capacity.

Breastfeeding Pods in Airports

Our smaller, more customized lactation pod has gained popularity, and it can be shipped as a site-assembled kit or fully assembled for easy placement. The possibilities are endless with this type of pod; you can customize size, color, layout, features, STC ratings, and even height. Plus, it includes a foldable desk for added convenience.

All our pods can feature basic design capabilities such as casters, a 110V outlet plug-in, dimmable lighting, wipe-down cleanroom walls, a coat rack, mirror, and an exhaust fan for noise reduction to ensure the utmost privacy for pumping mothers.

ADA Lactation Pods

Our ADA booth is a 6′ x 8′ booth that can come in a site-assembled kit or a preassembled pod. While the most economical way to ship it to your Western locations is LTL (Less-Than-Truckload), we can accommodate any request.

Lactation Pod Service Plans

Every model comes with:

  • A one-year workmanship warranty
  • A dedicated service team available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST


You’ll have a full one-year warranty on the product and the workmanship, backed by 28 years of trusted service.

Protect Your Pod

Keep your lactation pod looking its best with complimentary preventative maintenance visits every six months. Our trained technicians will clean the exhaust fan, check electrical components, and disinfect the interior of your pod, replacing broken or missing items at an additional cost. This service is available with our Gold plan.

Service Visit

We also offer service visits to diagnose and repair wear and tear issues with your pod. The service call and labor to replace parts are included, and you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on replacement parts outside of the standard one-year warranty.

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