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Have you ever missed a package delivery because you weren't home? Say goodbye to this inconvenience with parcel delivery lockers! These innovative solutions offer a secure and easy way to receive your packages on your schedule. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of parcel delivery lockers and how they're revolutionizing the way we think about package delivery.

How Parcel Delivery Lockers Work For Package Pickup

When you’re expecting a package, the process is straightforward. First, you’ll get an email or text letting you know your package is safely in a locker. This message includes all the details you need: where the locker is, your unique pickup code, and when you can grab your package.

Next, head over to the locker at a time that suits you. Spot the locker with your number on it, then punch in your pickup code on the keypad or screen. The locker pops open, and your package is there waiting. Just grab it, close the locker door, and that’s it! If anything goes amiss or you’ve got questions, the parcel delivery company’s customer service is there to help.

How Parcel Delivery Lockers Work For Delivery Companies

For delivery companies, these lockers make dropping off packages a breeze. Here’s the drill: the delivery person scans the package’s barcode at the locker location. Then, they use a code or PIN, put the package in its spot, and close it up. A quick barcode scan confirms the drop-off, and you’re immediately told your package is ready for pickup. Plus, some lockers have extra security features, like cameras, to keep your stuff safe.

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Why Choose Parcel Delivery Lockers?

Unmatched Security

Eliminate the risk of package theft with secure, locked compartments.

Ultimate Convenience

Access your packages on your time, without altering your schedule.

Technological Innovation

Benefit from the latest in smart locker technology for a seamless experience.


Reduce the carbon footprint of your deliveries with fewer missed deliveries and trips.

The Setup: Banks of Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers come in groups, or “banks.” You start with a control unit, then add more to fit more lockers into the space. There are starter sets and add-ons, so it’s pretty flexible.

The Whole Process

Here’s the journey of your package, from order to locker to your hands:

  • Ordering: You buy something and send it to a locker address. You’ll get a note with a special code or barcode for pickup.
  • Delivery: The courier drops off your

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Diverse Applications of Parcel Delivery
Lockers Across Sectors

Residential Use

Ideal for apartment complexes and gated communities.

Business Solutions

Perfect for offices and commercial buildings to manage deliveries efficiently.

Retail Integration

Use lockers for easy in-store pickup of online orders.

Educational Institutions

Provide students and staff with a secure way to receive personal and academic packages.


Parcel delivery lockers are secure storage units where your packages can be safely stored until you’re ready to pick them up. When a package is delivered to a locker, you’ll receive a notification with a unique code. Use this code at the locker station to open the specific locker holding your package.

Most online orders can be delivered to a parcel locker, but it depends on the seller’s shipping options and the locker service you’re using. Check with the locker provider and the retailer to confirm if this delivery method is available for your order.

The size limit for packages depends on the specific locker system. Most lockers accommodate standard package sizes, but for oversized items, you might need to check if larger lockers are available or make alternative arrangements.

The storage time varies by locker provider, but typically, you can keep your package in the locker for a few days without additional charge. If you exceed the provider’s designated period, you may need to pay extra fees or retrieve your package from another location.

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