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EV Charging for 3PL Staff

Is Your 3PL Team Ready for the Future?
EV Charging for 3PL Staff MH USA

Install EV Charging Stations for 3PL Staff

In the competitive hiring market to find and retain staff EV Charging Stations at work will attract and help retain employees for your 3PL. Call 800-326-4403 | Schedule a Zoom | or email us Today!

Let an EV Charging Station add to your success!

This Is A Nice Unit to Start EV Charging for 3PL Staff

This Is A Nice Unit to Start EV Charging for 3PL Staff

Single "Pump" Charging Stations

Ideal for small operations or as a starting point, single “pump” units offer a straightforward solution for companies taking their first step toward EV adoption.

This unit is a double "Pump" Unit

You can strategically place this unit between two parking spots, thereby enabling two vehicles to charge simultaneously.

This unit is a double "pump" Unit
This EV Charing Station is a bit more fast charging This unit can deliver faster charging.

This EV Charing Station is a bit more fast charging

This EV Charging Station stands out for its accelerated charging capabilities, offering a quicker energy boost to electric vehicles.
Engineered for efficiency, this unit not only significantly reduces waiting times but also makes it an ideal choice for drivers on the go.

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Want to Talk About EV Charging for 3PL Staff?
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Optimized User Experience EV Charging for 3PL Staff:
Powering Up Your Logistics

Welcome to our “EV Charging for 3PL Staff” dedicated page, where we commit to energizing your logistics operations with advanced electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. As the logistics industry evolves, the need for sustainable, efficient practices consequently increases. We explore how EV charging stations can revolutionize your 3PL operations, ensuring your staff and fleet remain powered up and ready for action.

Enhancing Efficiency with Storganizer Solutions

Leasing Options

Storganizer For 3Pls Save Time Picking Fast Movers

Too frequently, high-demand items are clustered together or stored on equipment that doesn’t facilitate efficient or accurate picking. The The Storganizer system offers a significant improvement; however, its effectiveness is contingent upon a strategic layout.  This layout must enable your staff to work unimpeded, preventing bottlenecks at a single unit. We specialize in designing your space for optimal storage utilization, ensuring the quickest and most precise picking times possible. Our expertise can transform your storage area into a model of efficiency and accuracy.

Government Incentives

Powered Carts Save Time Picking Fast Movers

Powered carts are designed to keep your workforce focused and significantly boost their efficiency, effectively doubling their output. This innovative tool has been consistently proven to elevate productivity levels in a wide array of business settings, including yours. By streamlining tasks and minimizing physical strain, powered carts not only enhance output but also consequently contribute to a more engaged and less fatigued workforce. As a result, this drives your business towards greater operational success.

3PL Bin Shelving

3PL Bin Shelving

Uncover the transformative advantages of incorporating bin shelving into your storage strategy, specifically designed to streamline the storage and retrieval process for auto parts. By implementing this system, you can achieve unparalleled organization within your parts department, which in turn significantly diminishes the time spent searching for items, and thus notably enhances overall productivity. Delve into our extensive selection of bin shelving solutions to identify the ideal match that seamlessly aligns with your business’s unique requirements and elevates your operational efficiency to new heights.

Pallet Rack For A 3PL

Pallet Rack For A 3PL

Elevate your storage capabilities to unprecedented levels with our state-of-the-art pallet racking systems. Designed to maximize your warehouse space, these systems enable the streamlined storage of auto parts, ensuring they are not only stored efficiently but also readily accessible. This facilitates smooth and effective inventory management, crucial for maintaining operational flow. Our pallet racking solutions, known for their durability and adaptability, are engineered to bolster your operations, providing a robust framework for organizing and managing your inventory with ease.

 Elevate your 3PL operations to new heights and experience the transformative impact on your workflow, from dramatically increased pick speeds to unparalleled accuracy. Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your organization’s efficiency and productivity. Act now and embrace the future of optimized 3PL operations!

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Total solutions to improve Picking Speed and Accuracy in a 3PL typically include, but are not limited to:

Are you tired of a cluttered and chaotic picking? Imagine a perfectly organized space where every SKU is placed in the fastest and most accurate place. There are a lot of "moving parts". We can help you design a system. Call 800-326-4403 | Schedule a Zoom | or email us Today!

Bar Code Scanners For 3PL's Save Time Picking Fast Movers

A common tool for fast an accurate picking today.

Bar Code Scanner Storage For A 3PL

No more lost bar code scanners. Pick the size of opening for your bar code scanners. Your staff will check out a bar code scanner and check it back in when they are done. If it does not get checked back in you will know who had it and can make them accountable.

Mezzanines For A 3PL's

Discover the benefits of another level of storage. make use of your space.
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Security Cages For 3PL's

Because sometimes things just need to go into a security cage.
Click Here

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Unlock the full potential of your storage space with our innovative vertical storage carousel solutions.


Installing EV charging stations demonstrates a 3PL company’s commitment to sustainability and employee convenience, making it an attractive workplace for current and potential employees. This approach can significantly enhance employee satisfaction and retention, firstly by aligning with their values and secondly by providing practical benefits.

Many modern job seekers prioritize working for companies that demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability. By adopting green initiatives like EV charging, 3PL companies can appeal to environmentally conscious employees who prefer employers that contribute positively to the planet.

Offering EV charging stations at the workplace removes the stress of finding a charging station or worrying about sufficient battery range for the commute. This convenience contributes to a better work-life balance, making employees more likely to stay with the company.

Yes, by providing EV charging stations, either free or at a subsidized rate, companies can help employees save on fuel expenses, enhancing job satisfaction and contributing to higher retention rates.

In a competitive job market, especially in the logistics sector, offering unique benefits like EV charging stations can set a company apart, attracting environmentally conscious candidates and those valuing forward-thinking employers.

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Are you ready to elevate your 3PL logistics with EV Charging solutions tailored for your staff? Then, contact MH USA today to explore our innovative approaches. Whether you’re aiming to improve sustainability in your operations or enhance the efficiency and satisfaction of your logistics staff with reliable EV charging infrastructure, we are prepared to offer customized solutions that fit your needs. So, reach out at 800-326-4403 to embark on a journey towards greener logistics and discover how EV charging can transform your 3PL services.

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