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Enhance Your Storage with SpeedCell

Maximize Space and Efficiency in Your Warehouse

Welcome to the world of SpeedCell—a game-changer in high-density storage solutions. Whether you’re looking to streamline your warehouse operations or maximize storage efficiency, SpeedCell provides the perfect solution. Dive into our comprehensive guide to understand how SpeedCell can transform your storage strategy.

Understanding SpeedCell: Revolutionizing Warehouse Storage

SpeedCell systems revolutionize warehouse storage with their innovative design. Utilizing vertical space and reducing aisle width, these systems significantly increase storage density and improve inventory management. Discover the technology behind SpeedCell and why it’s the top choice for modern warehousing needs.

Maximize Your Warehouse Space Now!

Explore how SpeedCell can transform your storage capabilities. Click here to learn more about the space-saving, efficiency-boosting benefits of our high-density shelving solutions.

Benefits of Choosing
SpeedCell Shelving

Space Efficiency

Maximize warehouse space with vertically oriented storage options.


Improve retrieval times with easy-to-access compartments.


Tailor storage solutions to fit specific product dimensions and warehouse layouts.


Invest in a long-lasting solution crafted from high-grade materials.

Installation Simplicity

Implement SpeedCell systems quickly and seamlessly.

Dive Into the Details: How SpeedCell Storage Works

Explore the specifics of SpeedCell storage solutions. These systems use a combination of durable fabric and structural components to create dynamic and flexible storage areas within existing racks. This section delves into how SpeedCell optimizes every square inch of your warehouse.

Every warehouse is unique. Schedule a consultation to customize a SpeedCell system that perfectly fits your space and meets your specific needs.

Who Uses
Discover Who's Transforming Their Space with SpeedCell
Retail Giants
Streamline inventory management and reduce overhead costs.
Healthcare Facilities
Enhance medical supply storage with adjustable configurations.
Automotive Suppliers
Store parts efficiently to improve supply chain operations.
Distribution Hubs
Accelerate order processing and minimize errors.
Military Installations
Military Installations
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Why Picking Speed is Crucial in
Warehouse Operations

Industrial wall shelving is the smart choice for businesses looking to enhance their workspace for several compelling reasons:

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver orders faster and more accurately.

Reduced Costs

Lower the need for extensive labor resources.

Operational Agility

Respond swiftly to market demands and inventory changes.

Enhanced Productivity

Process more orders at a quicker rate.

UNEX SpeedCell: The Peak of Storage Innovation

Unex, a leader in providing innovative warehouse solutions, offers the SpeedCell line—designed to maximize space utilization and picking efficiency. This section will introduce you to Unex SpeedCell, detailing its unique features and advantages for different industrial needs.

Strategies to Enhance Picking Efficiency for Fast-Moving Items

Improving the picking of small and fast-moving items in warehouses involves several strategic methods to enhance efficiency and accuracy. These include:

  1. Slotting Optimization: Arranging items closer to picking stations to minimize retrieval time.
  2. Automation: Utilizing technologies like automated storage systems, pick-to-light, and voice picking to increase picking speed and accuracy.
  3. Batch Picking: Grouping multiple orders to minimize movement and streamline the picking process.
  4. Standardized Picking Processes: Implementing uniform practices to help pickers become quicker and more precise.
  5. Training and Incentives: Encouraging warehouse staff to enhance performance through specific training and reward systems.

These strategies aim to optimize picking processes, making them faster and reducing errors.

Why Choose Us?

Over 30 Years Of Experience

We design and install the right storage solutions for your specific needs


We offer a range of customizable options to meet your unique needs

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to excellent service and support, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase

Competitive Pricing

We offers competitive pricing, making it easy to find a solution that fits any budget

How It Works

Experience the streamlined process of Material Handling USA’s Warehouse Solutions, guiding you from consultation to implementation with personalized solutions and ongoing support.

Curious how SpeedCell can streamline your operations? Watch our demo video to see the dynamic storage solution in action and witness its impact on warehouse efficiency.


SpeedCell is a high-density storage solution that utilizes vertical space in warehouses to maximize storage capacity. It features configurable compartments made from durable materials, which are suspended within a modular track system.

SpeedCell improves efficiency by reducing aisle space and increasing storage density. This configuration allows for quicker item retrieval and better inventory management, significantly speeding up the order fulfillment process.

Yes, SpeedCell systems are highly customizable. They can be tailored to fit various dimensions and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of different industries, ensuring optimal use of available warehouse space.

SpeedCell is ideal for storing a wide range of items, particularly small to medium-sized goods that are fast-moving. It is especially beneficial for industries that require quick access and efficient management of inventory, such as retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Tate W. Curtis

Space Coordinator, United States Department of Agriculture

The Team provided a highly professional service from start to finish.

“ They always available for meetings and questions, firsts, in figuring out what system would work best for our needs then by assessinh how much shelving space would be required for our existing as well as future needs, and , finally, by insuring the timely delivery and quality installation of the product. ”

Sharon L. Hancey

First District TCE of Administrative Office of the Courts

The team was very supportive

“ They were extremely attentive in assessing our needs in Logan. They provided several plans to show us our shelving options. ”

Julie Froff

Assistant Clerck of
Third District Court

We Also appreciated, at the time of installation, the courteous and professional manner in which the installers conducted themselves.

“ We have been using the system now for about six moths and are happy to report that it has been a wonderful addition to our office. It is easy to operate and keeps our filing area neat and organized, and most importanly, providers us with unlemited space for growth at this time. We are completely satisfied with your product. ”

Lila Abersold

Visual Arts Coorndinator of Utah Arts Council

They were also great to work with.

“ The track and system Material Handling USA recently installed is working very well Your isntallation people were able to adjust the tracks on the uneven floor in our storage space. ”

Nancy Herd

Human Resources Manager of Ray Quinney & Nebeker

You guys are great! Thanks so much for working so hard to getus into our new space.

“ Thank you a million times for the these killer Jazz tickets! I am just so excited to go and rub shoulders with every other "pretentious" person in Material Handling USA! How Awesome! ”


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