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SCILOGEX SCI550-H LED Digital 7x7 Hotplate, 550ºC Max. 512121019999 SCILOGEX SCI550-H LED Digital 7x7 Hotplate, 550ºC Max.

Welcome to Scilogex

Scilogex delivers trusted laboratory equipment to researchers worldwide. Focusing on quality and innovation, we provide tools like electronic pipettes, homogenizers, and blood centrifuges essential for scientific work.

Why Scilogex Stands Out in Scientific Equipment

Choose Scilogex for unparalleled accuracy and durability. Our equipment is engineered to enhance your laboratory’s productivity and research capabilities.

Our Premier Products

Scilogex Electronic Micropipette

Electronic Pipettes:
Precision in Every Drop

Scilogex electronic pipettes are designed for precision and ease of use. They ensure consistent results, which is crucial in experiments requiring meticulous volume control.

Advantages of Electronic Pipettes

Electronic pipettes from Scilogex offer adjustable speed settings, user-friendly interfaces, and ergonomic designs to prevent strain during repetitive use.

Electronic pipettes are perfect for applications that require frequent mixing and addition of various reagents. They feature a digital interface for volume adjustment, a motorized piston for aspirating and dispensing liquids, and the ability to preset programs. These features lead to fewer errors, faster and more reproducible pipetting. Additionally, electronic pipettes are considered more precise than manual ones due to less manual intervention, which reduces the risk of user errors and repetitive stress injuries, and minimizes variation in piston movement between different users.

blood centrifuges

Blood Centrifuges: Essential for Medical Research

Scilogex blood centrifuges are critical for clinical studies and medical research, providing fast, accurate separations in blood processing.

Features of Our Blood Centrifuges

Our centrifuges come with safety locks, temperature control, and variable speed settings, ensuring top performance and reliability.

Complete your dissertation or simplify your clinical lab tasks with Scilogex centrifuges. Our range includes various models to suit different research needs and budgets.

From mini centrifuges to clinical, hematocrit, microcentrifuges, and multipurpose centrifuges, Scilogex offers high-quality rotors and adapters designed for a broad array of lab applications. Our centrifuges operate quietly, without vibration, and are user-friendly, ensuring high efficiency and precision. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an old unit or enhance your benchtop setup, our selection of centrifuge tubes and accessories has you covered.

Homogenizers: Your Solution for Sample Preparation

Discover our range of homogenizers, which efficiently process biological samples to uniform consistency, enhancing the reliability of your analyses.

Types of Homogenizers We Offer

From handheld models for quick tasks to high-volume machines for complex samples, our homogenizers meet diverse laboratory needs.

SCILOGEX Homogenizers are designed for simplicity and ease of use, enabling you to achieve quality results quickly. Our models offer the speed and power needed to emulsify, suspend, cut, and chop, providing accurate results whether used handheld or mounted on a stand. The material is cycled repeatedly through narrow slits in the stator, where it undergoes rapid shearing and disintegration due to high shear mechanical action. Complete homogenization of tissues such as muscle, liver, and breast tissue can typically be accomplished in just a few seconds. The process generates little, if any, heat. During use, the material is drawn into the core of the homogenizer by a rotor that spins at up to 30,000 rpm.

Improving Laboratory Outcomes with Scilogex

The Impact of High-Quality Equipment on Research

High-quality laboratory equipment from Scilogex increases the efficiency and accuracy of scientific research, leading to breakthroughs and innovations.

The impact of high-quality equipment on research cannot be overstated. When scientists and researchers have access to reliable, top-tier instruments and tools, the precision and validity of their experimental results significantly improve. This ensures more consistent data, essential for replicable studies and credible findings. High-quality laboratory equipment also reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur due to equipment malfunctions, which saves valuable time and resources in research environments.

Advanced Equipment Can Accelerate the Pace of Research

Advanced equipment can significantly speed up research, as modern analytical instruments perform complex tests and deliver results much quicker than older models. This efficiency is crucial in fields like biomedicine and pharmacology, where rapid research advancements directly impact patient care and treatment innovations.

Furthermore, high-quality lab equipment often features the latest technology, enhancing analysis and functionality, thus enabling new research avenues and methodologies. For example, advanced imaging technologies enable detailed cellular studies, leading to genetic and molecular biology breakthroughs. Investing in such equipment is crucial for improving the accuracy, efficiency, and breadth of scientific investigations, supporting the scientific community and impacting broader fields like technology development, healthcare, and environmental solutions.

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Scilogex Tube Rotators/Mixers
Designed for Superior Mixing Capacity and Support
Scilogex Hot Plates
Experience Effortless Setup with Versatile Scilogex Hot Plates.
Rotary Evaporators
Optimize Your Lab's Efficiency with Our Rotary Evaporators: The Ideal Solution for Complex and Voluminous Samples.
Optimize Purity and Clarity with Our Shakers, Ideal for Laboratory and Medical Environments.
Dry Ice Makers
Adapt and Evolve: Discover Dry Ice Makers Designed to Meet Your Business's Changing Needs.
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Scilogex is a leader in providing products for Health Care and Laboratories everywhere!

dewar flasks

Dewar Flasks

Scilogex Dewar flasks feature durable, rust-free, and hygienic double-walled borosilicate glass, ideal for efficiently storing and transporting liquid nitrogen and other liquefied gases. Our range includes economical, standard stainless steel, and innovative wide-necked models favored for their minimal coolant use in laboratory settings.



Scilogex Spectrophotometers are essential for quantitative analysis in academia, research, and quality control in biotechnology and material development. The V-Series offers four models with high resolution, superior performance, and exceptional stability.

microplate mixers

Microplate Mixers

The compact Scilogex universal plate mixer utilizes a continuous small orbital motion (4.5-mm in diameter) to deliver true vortexing action in each well of the microplate, ensuring complete and uniform mixing. For simultaneous mixing of multiple microplates, a double microplate holder accessory and other add-ons for up to 48 sample tubes are available for purchase.



Scilogex’s latest electronic balances, featuring unmatched accuracy and durability, cater to both simple and complex weighing needs in various settings. Whether you require multiple weighing modes or simple functionality, our professional and economical series are portable, cost-effective, and fully warranted.

vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pump

SCILOGEX STORM diaphragm vacuum pumps are robust, chemical resistant, and feature PTFE-coated contact surfaces, making them ideal for vacuum filtration and other mid-range applications.

Vacuum Aspirators

Scilogex SCIVac & SCIVac-E Vacuum Aspiration Systems efficiently separate liquids and solids, perfect for cell culture, DNA extraction, and microplate waste. Their adjustable vacuum control allows for easy management of waste recovery.

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Scilogex electronic pipettes are renowned for their precision, ease of use, and ergonomic design. These pipettes feature adjustable speed settings, a user-friendly digital interface, and are built to minimize fatigue during extended use. Additionally, they offer enhanced accuracy and consistency in volume measurements, setting them apart in the market.

Scilogex homogenizers enhance sample preparation by efficiently processing samples to a uniform consistency, crucial for reliable analytical results. They are designed to handle a range of sample types, from soft tissue to small-volume samples, using high-speed rotors or ultrasonic waves to break down samples thoroughly and quickly.

Safety is a priority in the design of Scilogex blood centrifuges. These devices come equipped with features like lid locks, imbalance detection, and over-speed protection, which ensure safe operation. The centrifuges also have biocontainment lids to prevent leaks and aerosol escapes, protecting users from potential biohazards.

Scilogex laboratory equipment can be purchased directly by contacting us through phone or email, or by booking an appointment to visit our shop. This allows customers to receive personalized assistance and ensures they choose the most suitable equipment for their needs. We do not sell our products through third-party platforms or online marketplaces to maintain quality assurance and direct customer service.

Yes, Scilogex equipment is perfectly suited for educational settings. The equipment is designed with safety and ease of use in mind, making it ideal for students who are learning laboratory techniques. Scilogex also offers special educational packages and discounts to support institutions in providing high-quality laboratory experiences to their students.

Yes, we do contribute to sustainable lab practices by providing Scilogex products designed for energy-efficient, reducing waste, and using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. The company also focuses on the longevity of its products to minimize the environmental impact associated with frequent replacements.

MH USA provides comprehensive training materials to ensure that new users of Scilogex equipment can quickly become proficient. Our offerings include detailed user manuals, access to online tutorial videos, and direct training sessions tailored to specific products. These resources are designed and conducted by MH USA experts to ensure that all users can achieve optimal performance from their Scilogex equipment.

MH USA provides dedicated technical support for all Scilogex equipment. Our customer service team is ready to assist with troubleshooting, maintenance tips, and general inquiries to ensure your equipment operates smoothly. You can reach our support team by phone, email, or by booking a direct appointment, guaranteeing prompt and effective help when needed.

MH USA recommends that Scilogex equipment undergo regular servicing to maintain its performance and longevity. Major equipment such as centrifuges and homogenizers should be serviced annually, but more frequent servicing may be necessary for equipment used intensively. MH USA provides tailored maintenance schedules and service solutions to meet the specific needs of your Scilogex equipment, ensuring it continues to function at its best.

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