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Welcome to our ultimate guide on choosing the right moving boxes for your move! Whether you're relocating across the country or simply transitioning to a new neighborhood, the key to a seamless moving experience definitely lies in using the right boxes. Firstly, these boxes safeguard your belongings; secondly, they greatly streamline the packing and unpacking process. Furthermore, in this guide, we'll explore the importance of selecting the right boxes, detail the different types available, and explain where to find them. Consequently, with the right information, we can make your move as stress-free as possible!

A selection of sturdy moving boxes, including a wardrobe box with a hanging rod, various double-walled cardboard boxes for heavy items, and specialized boxes for fragile items, all designed for a secure and organized move.

Why Choosing the Right Boxes is Important


Ensuring your belongings arrive at your new home undamaged is crucial. Therefore, choosing the right moving boxes is essential, as they offer robust protection against bumps, drops, and jostles during transit. This way, you can rest assured that your items are secure throughout the move.


Using uniformly sized boxes, or boxes tailored for specific items, simplifies packing, stacking, and unpacking, keeping you organized and saving time.


Properly chosen boxes maximize space in moving trucks and minimize the number of trips needed, making your move more efficient and potentially saving you money.

Different Types of Moving Boxes

Cardboard Boxes: The Go-To Choice

  • Strength: Look for double-walled cardboard boxes for added durability.
  • Size Matters: Match the box size to the item – small boxes for books, larger ones for lighter items.
  • New vs. Used: Consider reusing boxes for an eco-friendly move, but check for wear and tear.

Plastic Boxes: Durable and Reusable​

  • Built Tough: Plastic boxes offer superior protection and can handle heavier loads.
  • Sizing Up: Available in various sizes, though typically bulkier than their cardboard counterparts.
  • Eco-Friendly: A sustainable option, especially if rented and reused.

Specialty Boxes: For Those Unique Items

  • Wardrobe Boxes: Keep clothes on hangers and wrinkle-free during the move.
  • Dish Pack Boxes: Specially designed to protect your kitchenware.
  • Mirror and Picture Boxes: Tailored to safeguard your artwork and mirrors.

Where to Get Moving Boxes

Moving Companies

A convenient one-stop shop for all your moving supplies.

Home Improvement Stores

Wide selections and the ability to buy in bulk.

Online Retailers

Convenient shopping with a vast array of options.

Local Classifieds

A budget-friendly way to find gently used boxes.

Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

Choosing the Right Box

Match the box to the item for the best protection.

Label Clearly

Avoid confusion by labeling each box with its contents and destination room.

Heavy on the Bottom

Prevent toppling by packing heavier items at the bottom.

Fill the Gaps:

Use packing materials to fill voids and keep items from shifting.

Special Care for Fragile Items

Use specialty boxes or extra padding for delicate items.

Avoid Overpacking

Keep boxes at a manageable weight.

Essentials Box

Don’t forget to pack a box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival

Find Your Perfect Boxes

Browse our selection of moving boxes and find the perfect fit for your belongings. Shop Now!


For books, it’s best to use small to medium-sized boxes. Books are heavy, and using a smaller box prevents overpacking and makes the box easier to carry.
The number of boxes can vary greatly depending on how much stuff you have. On average, a one-bedroom apartment might require 20-40 boxes of various sizes. Consider using an online moving calculator for a more personalized estimate.
Yes, you can reuse old cardboard boxes, provided they are in good condition. Check for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Ensure the boxes are sturdy enough to protect your belongings during the move.
Plastic moving boxes can be worth the extra cost for their durability, reusability, and protection against water damage. They’re especially useful for valuable or fragile items. If you’re moving often or want to minimize environmental impact, plastic boxes might be a good investment.
For fragile items, consider using dish pack boxes, which are reinforced for extra protection. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap or packing paper, and fill any gaps in the box with additional padding to prevent movement.
After unpacking, you can break down and recycle cardboard boxes. If they’re still in good condition, consider offering them for free on local classifieds for others to use. Plastic boxes can be stored for future use or rented out to others.
The decision to buy or rent boxes depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Buying boxes might be more cost-effective for a one-time move. Renting plastic boxes can be a greener option and is convenient for short-term moves or if storage space for boxes is limited.
Ensure your boxes are sturdy and use high-quality packing tape to secure the bottom and top seams. Avoid overpacking, and distribute weight evenly within the box. For added strength, consider using boxes with double-walled construction.
The best way to label moving boxes is by using a permanent marker to write the contents and the destination room on the top and at least one side of the box. This makes it easier to identify and sort the boxes during the move and unpacking.
While you can move clothes in garbage bags, it’s not the best practice. Bags can rip easily and don’t offer protection from dirt or moisture. For hanging clothes, consider using wardrobe boxes. For folded clothes, a large suitcase or cardboard box is preferable.

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