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Imagine a perfectly organized lab where you store all your equipment and supplies in the most efficient way. With Total Lab Shelving Solutions, you can achieve just that. Our units withstand harsh conditions, providing reliable and flexible storage for all your lab needs. Let’s explore the various types of lab shelving, their uses, and the benefits they bring to your laboratory.

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Types of Lab Shelving

Wire Lab Shelving

As seen in the image, this unit offers a versatile and durable storage solution, perfect for labs needing good air circulation and visibility of stored items. You can customize wire shelving to meet the specific needs of any lab, with various sizes and configurations available.

Solid Shelving

This platform offers stable and secure storage, making it perfect for laboratories needing a robust solution. Furthermore, you can easily tailor solid shelving, made from materials such as steel, plastic, and laminate, to fit the unique requirements of your laboratory. Additionally, this flexibility ensures that your lab remains organized and efficient. Moreover, the adaptability of our shelving solutions allows for seamless integration into any lab setting. Consequently, you can achieve optimal storage efficiency and enhance overall lab productivity.

Mobile Lab Shelving

Mobile shelving is a space-saving solution, ideal for labs with limited floor space. These shelving units are mounted on a track, allowing them to move horizontally and provide access to multiple shelving units with minimal space requirements.

Specialty Lab Shelving

Specialty shelving, designed for specific lab applications like chemical storage, microscope storage, and cleanroom storage, is typically made from materials that meet specific safety and regulatory requirements. For instance, these materials often include fire-resistant options. Furthermore, this type of shelving ensures compliance with safety standards and provides a secure storage solution for sensitive lab items. Additionally, the use of specialized materials enhances the durability and functionality of the shelving units.

Uses of Lab Shelving

Storing Equipment

Lab shelving is essential for storing various equipment such as microscopes, centrifuges, and spectrophotometers. Moreover, these units provide a secure and stable storage solution, thereby keeping equipment safe and easily accessible. Additionally, the organization offered by lab shelving ensures that valuable instruments are always within reach when needed. Furthermore, the stability of these units minimizes the risk of damage, thus extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Organizing Supplies

Labs require various supplies, such as glassware, pipettes, and lab coats. Therefore, shelving offers an ideal solution for organizing these supplies, allowing easy access and efficient storage. This organization maintains order and boosts productivity within the lab.

Storing Specimens

Lab shelving perfectly stores specimens like tissue samples, blood samples, and cultures. Furthermore, these shelving units keep specimens safe, maintaining their integrity and preventing contamination.

Chemical Storage

Labs require a variety of supplies, such as glassware, pipettes, and lab coats. Therefore, shelving provides an ideal solution for organizing these supplies. Consequently, they can be easily accessed and efficiently stored. Moreover, this organization helps maintain order and productivity within the lab. Additionally, having a designated place for each item reduces clutter and improves workflow. Furthermore, well-organized shelving systems contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment.

Cleanroom Storage

Cleanroom shelving is specifically designed to prevent contamination and meet regulatory standards. Additionally, these shelves are typically made from easy-to-clean materials, which further helps maintain a clean and safe environment. Moreover, the design of cleanroom shelving ensures that all surfaces can be thoroughly sanitized. Consequently, this reduces the risk of contamination. Furthermore, using such materials enhances the durability and longevity of the shelving units, ensuring they remain effective over time.

Benefits of Lab Shelving

These demonstrate how our solutions can improve lab efficiency, organization, and safety, making them an essential investment for any laboratory.

Efficient Use of Space

They maximize available space, allowing labs to store more equipment, supplies, and specimens in a smaller area. This efficiency helps labs increase overall productivity.

Enhanced Organization

They provide an organized storage solution, making equipment, supplies, and specimens easily accessible and identifiable. This organization reduces the risk of errors and improves lab efficiency.

Increased Safety

They ensure a safe storage environment for laboratory equipment and supplies, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

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Total Lab Shelving Solutions offers a comprehensive range of options to meet the diverse needs of any laboratory. From wire and solid, to mobile and specialty units, we provide reliable and efficient storage solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our units can enhance your laboratory's organization, safety, and efficiency.

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There are several types including wire shelving, solid shelving, mobile shelving, and specialty shelving. Each type offers unique benefits to suit different lab needs.

Consider your lab’s specific requirements, such as the type of items you need to store, the available space, and any regulatory standards. Our experts can help you select the best shelving solution for your needs.

Wire shelving is versatile and suitable for many labs, especially those needing good air circulation and visibility of stored items. However, specific applications might require solid or specialty shelving.

Lab shelving can be made from various materials, including steel, plastic, laminate, and fire-resistant materials. The choice of material depends on the lab’s specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Yes, lab shelving can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your lab. This includes adjusting shelf heights, adding accessories, and choosing specific materials.

Mobile lab shelving units are mounted on tracks, allowing them to move horizontally. This design saves space and provides easy access to multiple shelving units.

Specialty lab shelving is designed for specific applications, such as chemical storage, microscope storage, and cleanroom storage. These shelves meet specific safety and regulatory standards.

Proper shelving provides secure storage for lab equipment and supplies, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Cleanroom shelving prevents contamination and meets regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and sterile environment for sensitive lab processes.

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