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Welcome to our Guard Shacks – your one-stop destination for premium guard shacks designed to meet your security and protection needs. We offer a wide range with unmatched durability and quick delivery options. Whether you need it for your corporate facility, a trailer-mounted unit, or a stainless steel structure, we have you covered. Read on to explore the world of guard shacks and discover how we can cater to your specific requirements.

Guard Shacks for Various Applications

We offer diverse applications, and they can be tailored to suit your unique needs. Here are some popular applications:

Stainless Steel Guard Shacks
These shacks offer a clean and attractive appearance, making them suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other applications.
Ballistic Ratings
Choose from a range of options, including single-person booths, trailer-mounted booths, gate house ratings, and more, to enhance security and protection.
Hurricane Rated
Our guard shacks are designed to withstand wind loads of up to 180 mph, ensuring they remain sturdy even in category 5 hurricanes.
Bullet Resistance Ratings (NIJ and UL)
Originally used by the military, our bullet-resistant guard shacks are now popular among private companies, schools, neighborhoods, and golf clubs seeking enhanced protection.
With Bathrooms
Enjoy the convenience of on-site bathrooms in your guard shack, allowing guards to remain on duty without leaving their posts.
Enhance security around tarmacs, runways, and sensitive areas with specialized features designed for airport applications.
Fueling Stations
Ensure the safety and security of your fueling station personnel customized for this purpose.
Border Crossings (LPOE Booths)
Border crossings require specific safety and comfort features for guards. Our guard shacks cater to these needs.
Manufacturing Facilities
Secure your manufacturing facility with a security shack designed to meet the requirements of your industry.
Stadiums and Theme Parks
From ticket booths to security stations, we offer solutions for maintaining safety and order in large gathering places.

Specialized Guard Shacks for Unique Needs

We go the extra mile by providing specialized guard shacks to meet specific requirements:

Explore the Possibilities with Guard Shack

We offer you endless possibilities to customize your guard shack to meet your unique requirements. Our experienced team is ready to assist you, whether you prefer a quick quote or speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Don’t wait; secure your facility with a top-quality guard shack today!

Why Choose A Guard Shack From Us?

Our skilled team is on hand to help, whether you need a fast quotation or want to discuss your needs with one of our experienced sales advisors. Act now to safeguard your property with a high-grade guard shack today!

Guard Shacks

Innovative Design

Some PortaFab shacks feature a pop Revit design, while others boast an all-welded aluminum framework for enhanced strength and durability.

Swift Manufacturing

Thanks to their modular design, PortaFab booths and structures can be completed within weeks of production approval, ensuring a quick solution to your business needs.

Ready for Use

All PortaFab booths and shelters are shipped fully assembled, making them ready for instant use.

Guard Booths


Panel Built lets you customize your guard shack to meet your specific design and functionality requirements.

Quick Shipping

Panel Built introduced a five-day Quick Ship Guard Shack program with various sizes and floor plans, including diamond plate steel floors and stucco embossed steel walls.

Outstanding Customer Service

Panel Built takes pride in its exceptional customer service, offering quick responses, free proposals, and efficient engineering design.

Endless Exterior and Interior Options

Guard Shack offers an extensive range of customization options for both the exterior and interior of your guard booth. Here are some possibilities:


  • Walls: Choose from aluminum siding, brick siding, wood siding, or stucco.
  • Roof: Opt for shingles or steel.
  • Doors: Select heavy-duty steel doors.
  • Windows: Decide between tempered safety glass windows or vinyl insulated windows.
  • Surveillance: Add cameras for enhanced security.
  • Electrical: Include exterior GIFS electrical receptacles.
  • Locking Systems: Customize your security with various locking options.
Exterior Guard Shack
Interior Guard Shack


  • Walls: Use metal walls for durability.
  • Restroom: Equip your guard shack with an exhaust fan, heater, shut-off switch, instantaneous water heater, paper towel dispenser, holder, bathroom cabinet, mirror, and soap dispenser.
  • Flooring: Opt for aluminum diamond plate flooring.
  • Lighting: Illuminate your guard shack with LED lighting.
  • Doors: Install heavy-duty door closers.
  • Electrical: Add electrical receptacles as needed.

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