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Design a Mezzanine with Grated Flooring for Fire Safety

Benefits of a grated mezzanine floor for fire safety. Discover how this innovative solution can save you both money and provide a safe storage option for your valuable items.

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Grated Mezzanine Floor for Fire Safety

Rack Supported Mezzanine for Fire Suppression System Avoidance

In the realm of fire safety and mezzanine storage, the Bailey’s case study offers valuable insights. In their old building, they were forced to install an expensive fire  system within their rack-supported mezzanine. However, when they relocated to a leased facility, they sought an alternative solution to avoid this costly expense and ensure flexibility for future moves.

The Innovative Solution

To overcome this challenge, we devised an ingenious solution. By extending the decking used on pallet racking, we created a multi-level mezzanine on Interlake Pallet Racking. This approach allows the fire suppression system to pass through the grated floor. This mezzanine serves as a storage solution for items such as furniture and boxed goods, eliminating the need to palletize everything.

Grated Mezzanine Floor for Fire Safety

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Grated Mezzanine Floor for Fire Safety

Maximizing Warehouse Space

With soaring 28-foot ceilings, Bailey’s was able to triple their storage capacity by utilizing this unique approach. This added over 22,000 square feet of storage space, providing them with a cost-effective solution for their specific storage needs.

Meeting International Building Code Standards

The grated flooring complies with international building code standards, ensuring safety and adherence to regulations. This open-floor design allows the fire suppression system to flow through seamlessly, meeting the required 50% openness criteria.

Universal Building Code Standards - For Grated Mezzanine Floor for Fire Safety

Our solutions are built in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC). All our pallet racking designs, including seismic requirements, are readily available online. Utah follows these same standards, ensuring consistency and safety.

Decking Designed for Easy Handling

Our Pro Decking offers a smooth surface that allows for easy sliding of items, making it ideal for hand trucks and dollies. While it may not support the weight of a pallet jack, it caters to the specific needs of Bailey’s, allowing them to move materials with ease.

Grated Mezzanine Floor for Fire Safety
Grated Mezzanine Floor for Fire Safety

Investment Flexibility

Since Bailey’s does not own the building they lease, they chose to avoid the substantial investment of a fire suppression system. This decision allows them to maintain flexibility and take their racking system with them should they relocate in the future.

Security in Business Growth

Bailey’s investment in our grated mezzanine floor not only saved them from unnecessary expenses but also ensured they could take their assets with them when they move. This strategic decision safeguards their investment as their business continues to expand.

Pro Decking Details - Grated Mezzanine Floor for Fire Safety

Our Pro Decking, a type of perforated steel decking, offers the solidity required to support various materials. Its unique design strikes a balance between holding small items securely and allowing the fire suppression system to penetrate.

Safety Considerations

While people do walk on the mezzanine, strict safety measures are in place. Individuals are harnessed and tied off, given the absence of protective edges.

Levels of the Mezzanine

The Bailey’s solution features two levels above ground, effectively optimizing their storage space without compromising on safety.

Pro Mezzanine Decking Detail

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