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Estey Library Shelving

Elevate Your Library Space with Estey Shelving Solutions

Estey Library Shelving by Tennsco

Welcome to the world of Estey Library Shelving! This is the ultimate solution for organizing and displaying your library collection with unmatched support and durability. Crafted from robust steel, Estey shelves boast superior strength, ensuring your books, CDs, DVDs, and more are securely housed. The best part? These shelves are fully adjustable and come in various designs, including extra-deep bookcases and cantilever shelving, to fit your unique space and style. So, let’s transform your library into a more accessible and attractive space today!

Estey Library Shelving Brochure

Dive into our Lab Design Complete Brochure to get started on your journey toward a cutting-edge laboratory. This brochure is your first step toward understanding the intricacies of lab design and how it can transform your scientific workspace.

Experience the Estey Difference in Your Library

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Precision-Engineered for Perfection

Every Estey shelf is a masterpiece of precision engineering. Utilizing advanced tools and processes, we guarantee the utmost accuracy and consistency in every product. Plus, our durable powder coating ensures your shelving stands the test of time against scratches and corrosion. Whether it’s for a cozy home library or a bustling school library, Estey’s versatile design adapts to any setting. Ready to upgrade? Let’s make your library the envy of all!

Customizable and User-Friendly Design

Say goodbye to complicated assembly! Estey Library Shelving is designed with you in mind, making installation a breeze. With just a few simple tools, you can set up a system that perfectly meets your needs. And if you ever decide to rearrange or move, our shelving units are easy to dismantle and reassemble. Why wait? Start creating your dream library setup today!

The Perfect Choice for Every Library

Estey Library Shelving isn’t just functional; it’s also designed to make your library look great. With its space-saving features and versatile configurations, it’s the ideal choice for libraries of all types. From academic to digital libraries, Estey meets the diverse needs of any collection. Ready to give your library the best? Choose Estey Shelving for quality you can trust.

Who Benefits from Estey Library Shelving?

Estey Library Shelving serves a wide array of libraries, including:

  • Academic Libraries
  • Special Libraries
  • Corporate Libraries
  • School Libraries
  • And many more!

In an increasingly digital world, Estey Shelving remains relevant, catering to traditional and modern storage needs alike.

Authorized Dealer Alert

Looking for Estey Library Shelving? Material Handling USA and NationWide Shelving are your go-to authorized dealers. They’ve got you covered with a wide range of Estey solutions. Don’t miss out on enhancing your library with the best shelving on the market!

The Rich History of Estey Library Shelving

Did you know Estey Library Shelving has been around since 1879? From looms and pianos to innovative shelving solutions, Estey has constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of libraries. With a commitment to durability, flexibility, and aesthetics, Estey has revolutionized library shelving. Dive into the fascinating history of Estey and discover what makes it stand out.

Estey's Evolution: From Wood to Steel

Estey’s journey from traditional wooden shelves to modern steel shelving is a testament to their innovation. Steel shelving brought reliability, ease of maintenance, and the capacity to support heavy loads, making it a favorite among libraries. Ready to experience the revolution? Explore Estey’s steel shelving options.

Customization at Its Best

Estey understands that every library is unique. That’s why they offer a range of shelving options, from single-faced to mobile units, and finishes to match any decor. Whether you’re looking for functionality, aesthetics, or both, Estey has the perfect shelving solution for you. Customize your library with Estey and create a space that truly reflects your needs and style.

Authorized Dealer Alert

Looking for Estey Library Shelving? Material Handling USA and NationWide Shelving are your go-to authorized dealers. They’ve got you covered with a wide range of Estey solutions. Don’t miss out on enhancing your library with the best shelving on the market!

Sustainability Matters

In today’s world, sustainability is key. Estey Library Shelving embraces this by using recyclable materials and low-emission finishes. Choosing Estey means not only enhancing your library but also contributing to a greener planet. Let’s make a difference together with Estey’s eco-friendly shelving options.

Ready to Transform Your Library with Estey Library Shelving?

With Estey Library Shelving, your library’s potential is limitless. Enhance your space with shelving that combines durability, flexibility, and aesthetics. Make the smart choice for your library today with Estey!

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Tate W. Curtis

Space Coordinator, United States Department of Agriculture

The Team provided a highly professional service from start to finish.

“ They always available for meetings and questions, firsts, in figuring out what system would work best for our needs then by assessinh how much shelving space would be required for our existing as well as future needs, and , finally, by insuring the timely delivery and quality installation of the product. ”

Sharon L. Hancey

First District TCE of Administrative Office of the Courts

The team was very supportive

“ They were extremely attentive in assessing our needs in Logan. They provided several plans to show us our shelving options. ”

Julie Froff

Assistant Clerck of
Third District Court

We Also appreciated, at the time of installation, the courteous and professional manner in which the installers conducted themselves.

“ We have been using the system now for about six moths and are happy to report that it has been a wonderful addition to our office. It is easy to operate and keeps our filing area neat and organized, and most importanly, providers us with unlemited space for growth at this time. We are completely satisfied with your product. ”

Lila Abersold

Visual Arts Coorndinator of Utah Arts Council

They were also great to work with.

“ The track and system Material Handling USA recently installed is working very well Your isntallation people were able to adjust the tracks on the uneven floor in our storage space. ”

Nancy Herd

Human Resources Manager of Ray Quinney & Nebeker

You guys are great! Thanks so much for working so hard to getus into our new space.

“ Thank you a million times for the these killer Jazz tickets! I am just so excited to go and rub shoulders with every other "pretentious" person in Material Handling USA! How Awesome! ”



Yes, Estey shelves are designed to hold a wide range of items, including multimedia like CDs and DVDs.
Absolutely! You can choose between different materials, styles, and finishes to match your library’s aesthetic.
Made from high-quality steel, Estey shelves are built to last and can support a significant amount of weight.
Yes, Estey shelves are adjustable, allowing you to tailor the spacing to your collection’s needs.
Definitely! The shelving is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, making it perfect for any library setup.
Estey shelves are versatile and can be a perfect fit for both home and institutional libraries.
Yes, Estey offers mobile shelving options for libraries needing flexible and space-saving solutions.
Estey uses recyclable materials and eco-friendly finishes, making their shelving a sustainable choice.
Authorized dealers like Material Handling USA and NationWide Shelving offer a wide range of Estey shelving options.
With a variety of finishes and styles, Estey shelving can complement any library’s decor, making it both functional and stylish.

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