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Welcome to the ultimate guide on Community College Shelving! Whether you're part of the administration, faculty, or maintenance team, understanding the right shelving solutions can make a significant difference. Community colleges, like Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), play a pivotal role in providing accessible education. With the right shelving, we ensure that each book, supply, and piece of equipment stays neatly organized and within easy reach.. Let's dive into the world of shelving and discover how it supports our educational missions!

Salt Lake Community College's Shelving Journey

SLCC has explored various shelving options to maximize its space and efficiency. From Boltless to Mobile Shelving, each type serves a unique purpose, catering to the diverse storage needs of a bustling community college environment.

Boltless Shelving

Perfect for quick assembly and versatile storage, boltless shelving has been a go-to for textbooks and office supplies at SLCC.

Pallet Rack Shelving

For storing heavy items like maintenance tools, pallet racks are essential, providing the necessary strength and ensuring both safety and lasting use.

Wire and Cart Shelving

For easily accessible and visible storage, wire shelving is ideal. Cart shelving, on the other hand, offers mobility for classroom and laboratory supplies.

Library and Storage Shelving

Specialized library shelving houses the extensive collection of academic resources, while bulk and storage shelving accommodate larger items and archival materials.

The Role of Material Handling USA

Material Handling USA takes pride in equipping SLCC with top-notch shelving solutions. Our partnership reflects a commitment to enhancing educational environments through efficient organization and storage.
Green and orange pallet rack with wire decking in a college storeroom

What Does Community College Shelving Store?

Community colleges like SLCC use shelving for a myriad of purposes, from academic to athletic needs. Let’s explore some common uses:

Textbooks and Academic Resources

Shelving organizes vast collections of textbooks, making them easily accessible to students and faculty alike.

Office and Classroom Supplies

From pens to projectors, shelving keeps essential supplies orderly and within reach, supporting the seamless operation of college activities.

Maintenance and Athletic Equipment

Shelving solutions reach into maintenance closets and athletic facilities, equipping and organizing every corner of the college effectively.

Community College Shelving is more than a place to put things. It helps make learning easy and keeps things running smoothly. At Material Handling USA, we give SLCC and other colleges the shelving they need to do well. Check out what we have, talk to us for advice, and join our group of teachers who want the best for their classrooms. Let’s make learning easy to get to and tidy, one shelf at a time.

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Dive into our range of shelving options and find the perfect fit for your community college’s needs.


Boltless, wire, and library shelving are among the top choices for their versatility and ease of use.

Organized shelving reduces clutter, making educational resources more accessible and classrooms more conducive to learning.

Absolutely! Custom shelving solutions can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of different departments.

Yes, mobile shelving offers flexibility for classrooms that need to adapt their layout or share resources.

By keeping office supplies and documents orderly, shelving streamlines administrative operations, saving time and effort.

Regular audits and a clear labeling system ensure shelving remains organized and functional.

Many shelving options are made from sustainable materials, contributing to eco-friendly campus initiatives.

Specialized shelving accommodates the varying sizes and shapes of athletic equipment, promoting easy access and organization.

Shelving keeps tools and cleaning supplies orderly, ensuring that maintenance tasks are carried out efficiently.

Contacting a shelving expert for a consultation is the first step towards a more organized and efficient storage system.

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