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Improving Carton Flow for Liquor Distribution: A Warehouse Upgrade

Welcome to our page highlighting the transformation of a liquor distribution warehouse for restaurants. Discover how we revamped their carton flow system, addressing challenges and enhancing efficiency.

Flow Rack For Liquor

Flow Rack allows the liquor to “flow” down to be picked.

Bin Front For Liquor Flow Rack

The Right Bin Fronts

The correct bin fronts are key to success.

Pick Full Cases

flow rack design to allow for picking of full cases

Improving Carton Flow

Pick Single Bottles

The design also allows for picking of individual bottles.

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Enhancing Carton Flow

The liquor distribution warehouse faced a unique challenge – they needed to accommodate both individual bottle and full-case picking from the same shelves. However, their existing carton flow system had seen better days. The old rollers were worn out and frequently stuck, complicating the process of retrieving items.

Improving Carton Flow
Carton Flow Rack Rollers

Rolling in Efficiency

To resolve these issues, we introduced our Flex Track rollers. These rollers are adept at handling heavy loads with minimal effort. Now, employees can effortlessly slide a carton of alcohol to the front of the flow system and push back up to ten cases without hassle, enabling easy replenishment from the front.

Minimizing Downtime

Previously, picking a full case while there were only a few bottles left in a box required time-consuming maneuvers. The wheels were not designed for easy movement, leaving partial cases stranded on the floor until someone needed a few bottles. Our solution eliminated this problem, restoring the ability to push items back into the system effortlessly.

Improving Carton Flow

Why Reinvent The Wheel?

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Carton Flow Replacement

Out with the Old

The old rollers had reached the end of their operational life. They no longer rolled smoothly in both directions, causing frustration and inefficiency in the warehouse.

Roller Revolution

Unlike the old system, our Flex Track system consists of an entire grid of rollers, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow. The reduced slope of the carton flow system makes handling items even more straightforward.

Aging System

The previous system had served them well for over two decades. However, it was time for an upgrade to meet the evolving needs of the warehouse.

Seamless Transition

We introduced engineered products carton flow on specially installed beams, seamlessly integrating it with the existing Interlake carton flow system. This modification significantly improved the carton flow’s functionality.

Broadening Horizons

Consider regions where liquor distribution operates differently from state-run systems. In places like Las Vegas, where the majority of liquor goes to restaurants and bars, this innovative carton flow system could make a significant impact.

Diverse Orders

Restaurants often don’t order full cases. They may require just a few bottles of a particular liquor. The challenge was to create a system that could seamlessly handle both individual bottle and full-case orders within the same setup.

Meeting Evolving Needs

This warehouse used to be open to customers who could browse in person. As it shifted its focus to serving restaurants and bars exclusively, the need for an efficient carton flow system became even more critical.

Preventing Accidents with Carton Flow Rack Specifically Designed for Liquor Distribution

Expanding Reach

We’re currently implementing a similar solution in a warehouse in Park City, incorporating taller stops to prevent accidents and product loss.

Super Tall Carton Flow Racks
Super Tall Carton Flow Racks

Solutions to Deal with The Tendency of Boxes To Fall Forward

One issue was the tendency of boxes to fall forward. Despite adjusting the end stops to be at the same height, the problem persisted. Addressing this challenge involved exploring alternative solutions, such as installing taller stops to prevent items from falling.

Reaching Beyond

Our expertise extends beyond this warehouse. There are likely other locations facing similar challenges with carton flow systems. We believe our solution could benefit various liquor distributors, particularly those serving restaurants and bars.

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